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  • The First Neon Sign

    The idea behind neon signs was initially thought of in 1675 when it was discovered that the French Astronomer Jean Picard observed a faint light in the mercury tube for a barometer. After shaking the tube, the barometric light glow was observed; however, the reason that caused the lights (static electrical discharge) was not yet […]

  • Neon Signs – All the Colors of the Rainbow

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    Artists in the 15th century realized that it was possible to produce different Glass colours if they employed certain elements found in nature. They tried different kinds of metals and added them to the silicate when it was still hot to see what combinations of colours they could make. Glass was a suitable medium as […]

  • How Do you Get Different Neon Colors?

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    The primary source of colour is an inert gas that emits a distinctive hue when electrical energy is used.(Custom Neon Signs UK) The two most popular gasses are neon, which produces fiery red and a combination of argon and tiny particles of mercury that emits a subtle blue. Glass that is clear lets you see […]